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PIWA accomplishments

Since its formation, PIWA has been an outspoken advocate for the wholesale insurance broker. Among its many notable accomplishments, PIWA:

  • Initiated and supported legislation resulting in the creation of Excess Lines Association of New York, now a critical element of the state’s nonadmitted market;
  • Successfully lobbied to restructure Regulation 41, and worked with the state to streamline the affidavit procedure, reducing the number of affidavits and forms used;
  • Worked with the state to establish the Export List;
  • Lobbied successfully for legislation allowing security guards who purchase insurance as part of their licensing requirement to use nonadmitted carriers;
  • Successfully worked with the New York State Insurance Department to seek the expiration of an emergency regulation addressing fully earned commissions;
  • Successfully lobbied for legislation requiring retail agents to notify premium finance companies when a wholesale insurance broker was involved in writing a financed policy;
  • Worked with the Department of Environmental Conservation to allow the use of excess line brokers for liability insurance for pesticide applicators, and successfully sought a change to allow binding authority for excess line brokers in New York;
  • Worked with ELANY to support a new law that allows the sale of excess disability insurance in New York state, available on both an admitted and non-admitted basis; and
  • Currently is working to ensure that wholesalers are excluded from any state-mandated compensation disclosure requirements.


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